3 Amazing Ways Animals Stay Warm When It Gets Cold

Now that colder temperatures abound, people everywhere are pulling out their winter clothes, brewing up warm beverages, getting blankets ready, and cranking up the heaters.Deer In Winter Snow

As humans, we have a vast array of modern inventions and techniques that we utilize to survive to survive the harshest of environmental conditions – including sub-zero temperatures.

But how do animals do it? In this brief guide, we will discuss a few of the amazing methods that animals use to keep themselves warm – even in the coldest of temperatures.

Many Animals Store Fat for the Winter

Have you ever noticed how some animals seem to eat immensely during the warm months, but seemingly starve themselves during the cold months? This is a survival mechanism for surviving freezing temperatures.

The animal will eat more when it is warm outside so that they are able to accumulate a large amount of fat in the body. Because of the excess fat, the body is able to stay warm.

Many animals will increase their body weight up to nearly 50% in order to prepare for winter. Examples of animals that engage in this process include chipmunks, groundhogs, and bears.

Natural Insulation

Have you ever noticed that – as winter approaches – the fur of your dog starts to thicken? This is a type of natural insulation for animals during the winter months. A spectacular type of winter coat, if you will.

The additional fur most commonly covers the entire body; however, extra fur may grow on the paws and other regions of the body.

In addition to providing natural insulation, the winter coats of animals will often come in a different color – such as white – so that they are able to better blend in with their environment and have a high level of protection from predators. Pretty amazing, right?

Shutting Down Organs

In previous years, many scientists believed that the turtles that live in and near freshwater would go comatose during the winter months; however, now it has been established that the turtles are able to appropriately respond to stimulation.

Since they are able to do that, there is no way that they can be in a coma. Instead, they actually allow their metabolism to slow down and engage in a process of anesthetizing themselves. As a result, the organs shut down and preserve themselves until the weather becomes warm again.

Amazing Modifications

In addition to storing fat, growing additional fur, and shutting down the organs, many animals hibernate, shut down their lungs, build bunkers in the wild, depend on the heat of other animals, and engage in a large assortment of other methods for staying warm during the winter.

In addition to this, many animals will depend on humans for warmth. They may nestle inside by a warm motor, find their way to the interior regions of a home, or even use items in and around the home to stay warm.

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