3 Creatures in South Carolina That Could Seriously Injure – and Even KILL – You

South Carolina is a state known for its highly vibrant heritage and its immensely rich culture. It possesses a natural beauty like none other with its green acreage and gorgeous terrain.Black Bear

You have the ability to enjoy a myriad of culinary establishments, shopping venues, and entertainment while also experiencing the luxury of escaping into the tranquil, quiet, and wonderfully captivating natural world.

While truly a charming state, there are creatures throughout the region that may turn aggressive and harm you. These creatures may cause serious injuries or they may even KILL you! Continue reading to learn more.

The American Alligator

While you may be tempted to head down to the lakes, ponds, bays, springs, wells, rivers, sounds, streams, marshes, inlets, canals, or the estuaries to do a little fishing or swimming, you have to exercise extreme caution as there are alligators present.

While typically considered to be a non-aggressive creature, these animals may become a nuisance if they are fed by humans or live close to human populations. In most instances, alligators will move away from human activity; however, attacks have been known to occur.

The Black Bear

Black bears are located throughout the entire State of South Carolina, though the upstate region has higher concentrations. In most instances, a black bear will retreat away from people; however, if the bear becomes protective or feels threatened, they are capable of becoming aggressive.

This could result in a bear attack. Just practice caution. According to a recent study, there are only 63 human deaths stemming from bear attacks over the course of time between the year 1900 and 2009. This is an amazingly low figure for that amount of time.

The Wild Hog

Wild hogs are present near wooded areas. They may weigh up to a whopping 300 pounds and are capable of charging at a speed of up to 11 mph. In most instances, these creatures will only attack if they feel as if they are cornered in or they feel threatened.

They possess very sharp tusks that may result in an immense level of injury. They also carry diseases that may be transmitted to people and animals. Examples include brucellosis and a variety of parasitic-based diseases.

If you find yourself in the presence of these creatures, simply stay calm and move away very slowly. Do not engage – especially if there are adult hogs with piglets.

What Can Be Done?

While it is not fun to encounter these wild creatures, humans are constantly expanding and taking over the wild territories that these creatures consider to be “home”.

In an area like South Carolina, it is quite possible to discover one or more of these threatening creatures on or near your property. Have no fear, we can help you.

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors are highly experienced South Carolina wildlife extractors and removals experts. If you find yourself in a situation with wildlife that is threatening or uncomfortable in any way, call us immediately at: 855-465-1088

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