3 Landscaping Tricks to Deter Moles from Your Property

Mole Removal Services in South and North Carolina If you are a gardener and/or you take great pride in your lawn, you know and understand that moles are, perhaps, one of the most frustrating of pests. The first sign of a mole infestation in a carefully and well-manicured lawn is the presence of ghastly raised and broken earth.

Upon inspection, you will find that the ground underneath the raised area gives way. Moles tunnel rapidly and are known for throwing the dirt from their efforts onto the lawn.

While the presence of moles does indicate that there is a high presence of earthworms underneath your lawn and these insects are beneficial to the health and appearance of the grass and other plant life, moles will quickly destroy your beautiful lawn.

In this guide, you will learn 3 landscaping tricks that will help in deterring moles from your property.

Landscaping Trick #1: Avoid Over-Saturating the Soil of Your Lawn

If you have a well-manicured lawn that exhibits the finest color green and is highly aesthetic to your home, chances are, you water it regularly. The soil is likely highly saturated with moisture.

When there is a high amount of moisture within the soil, this attracts earthworms. In turn, the earthworms attract the moles. You will want to make certain that you avoid over-saturating your lawn with water.

If the grass and plants on your property do not respond well to cutting back on watering, you should opt for those grasses, plants, and seeds that are designed to be tolerant to drought. Then, you will have a beautiful lawn – without the moles.

Landscaping Trick #2: Reduce the Open Spaces Throughout Your Lawn

If your lawn has a lot of open space, reduce it. One of the best methods for doing this is to plant shrubs at various locations throughout the property. The roots of the shrubs will not be attractive to the moles.

They will avoid the area as tunneling through roots is not something that they like doing. By taking this step, you will find that the moles actually move away from the areas of the property that you want protected.

Landscaping Trick #3: Line Raised Beds

If you have raised gardening beds throughout your property, you should line them with a cloth that is composed of metal hardwire. This should be buried at a depth of 2 feet and should stick out of the ground about 6 inches.

If you do not have raised beds, but want to protect the entire lawn, you may place this type of lining around the perimeter of your property.

We Can Help

Moles are a nuisance. Their habits can quickly transition a beautiful lawn into an area of mass destruction. We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors have the tools, resources, and knowledge to eliminate those pesky moles from your property easily and quickly.

To learn about our mole removal services, simply contact us today for more information. The following link will direct you to our phone numbers and physical addresses: https://palmettowildlifeextractors.com/contactus/

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