5 Squirrel Removal from Columbia, SC Church Attic

At Palmetto Wildlife Extractors we take your animal problem serious. Check out one of our recent extractions, there were 5 squirrels pestering the attic of a Columbia, SC church. As you can see from the picture below this is a very technical extraction located on a steeply inclined roof. We are trained professionals who can safely handle the toughest wildlife extraction jobs.

Squirrel removal church columbia, sc

Gone For Good Is Our Promise Guaranteed!!

After we successfully removed the 5th squirrel in this attic we focused on keeping them out for good with a thorough PWE attic restoration. An attic restoration consists of installing a negative air machine to ensure nothing airborn will re-enter the attic. Then, we remove all contaminated insulation and biologically treat the attic. Finally, we replace any chewed electrical wires and replace all insulation.

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