Alligators Pose Immediate Threat to Humans and Their Pets

Alligators are considered to be remnants of a prehistoric-based era. Despite dinosaurs having become extinct, these creatures have continued to flourish throughout history. It has been estimated that there are approximately 5 million of these creatures within the United States.

While the majority of the reptiles are located in Florida, they may also be found in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Caroline, Texas, and parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas. In most instances, these creatures will keep their distance from humans, but they do pose a threat to both humans and their pets.

Habitats Preferred by Alligators

Alligators live in environments that have direct access to freshwater. Examples include swamps, ponds, lakes, marshes, rivers, and wetlands. They also live in and near brackish water. While considered to be a critical species when it comes to maintaining ecological-based diversity in and around wetlands, they have the potential to become a nuisance to people and their pets.

This is especially true if people engage in the act of feeding the creatures. While considered to be exciting, in most areas, it is considered to be illegal to feed these reptiles because it causes the reptiles to actually lose their natural fear of people.


An alligator is a reptile that is said to have a high level of patience. Its general appearance and those menacing jaws that are loaded with sharp teeth result in a high level of fear from people. The alligator is considered to be a natural predator.

While the creatures typically shy away from humans, numerous attacks on both people and domestic attacks have been recorded throughout history. These attacks may come from hunger, the feeling of being threatened, or even because they have been previously fed by people and have lost their fear of people.

Keeping Safe Distancing

In order to ensure your safety and that of your pets, you should avoid locations known to be inhabited by alligators. If you swim, fish, or engage in other types of recreational activities in these areas, stay alert.

You should be especially area during the dusk hours and during the night time hours. This marks the time when alligators search for food and start to feed. If you observe an alligator, you should avoid the temptation of remaining. Instead, simply move away from the creature and the area, while remaining highly alert.

Alligator Removal Services

In a world of constant construction and development, it is possible for alligators to make their way into neighborhoods and business districts – especially those located near a water source and/or a natural habitat. If you observe an alligator, it is critical that you contact a professional company that offers alligator removal services.

These companies will typically come in and will quickly remove the creature to a more appropriate location. If the creature is a nuisance due to behavior and/or there are other complications involved – such as an attack – the handling of the animal will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact us today by calling: 855-465-1088

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