Bat Removal Charleston South Carolina

Bat removal in Charleston SC is very common this time of year. In the video below we are on site in a house in Charleston SC doing a Bat Inspection and while in the attic we noticed several things. First we noticed a colony of about 40-50 bats burrowed into the spay foam insulation at the top ridge line area of the attic and directly below was a pile of guano ( Bat Poop ). We also noticed a bat that was separated from its colony on the other end of the attic so we manually extracted him and relocated him outside on a magnolia tree. After we safely relocated the bat we gained access onto the roof and determined the colony of bats in the Charleston SC home were gaining access into the attic through one of the ridge vents. We will screen off this vent after preventively sealing off all other possible future points of entries that these bats may be able to gain access back into the structure once we flush them out. Once all the bats are successfully extracted which could take several days we will then move forward with the guano clean up process. The guano clean up process can take up several hours to complete. Our goal is to eliminate any harmful elements becoming airborne and entering into our clients living area. If you are dealing with a bat problem and would like a professional and experienced company to permanently solve your bat problem give us a call (855) 465-1088
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