Bat Removal Columbia SC

Bat Problems?
No Problem for the Bat Experts! Let us handle your Bat problem professionally and ethically. Here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, our staff is trained in handling Bat problems right the first time. We stand behind our “Gone For Good” Guarantee! We strive to offer all of our clients a permanent solution to rid your home or office from nuisance Bats. Not only are Bats a huge danger by having them roosting inside your home or office but statistics say 1% of every colony of Bats has rabies. Furthermore, the Guano ( Bat Feces ) carries several diseases such as histoplasmosis. Most people who are exposed to histoplasmosis don’t show any side effects. Having Bats inside your home or office is scary enough without talking about the diseases that they can bring with them. Worry no more because when hiring Palmetto Wildlife we will properly extract the Bats and clean up the contaminated area. Our main focus is turning your home or office back to a safe living and working environment.

The picture above is an area where a colony of Bats were extracted from inside an attic. Under the Guano was a child’s bedroom. Luckily, this client called us before the Bat problem became a much bigger problem.
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