Bats in Your Attic? Obtain Bat Removal Services Before it is Too Late!

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If you have discovered that your attic is now considered “home” to bats, it is imperative that you seek out bat removal services to contend with the issue, before it is too late.

In most instances, bats are capable of squeezing into small cracks, crevices, gaps, and other spaces without resulting in an immense amount of property damage. Unfortunately, the fecal matter dispelled from the body of a bat – which is officially referred to as “guano” – and the urine of the creatures may, over time, start to stain and cause other forms of structural damage.

Additionally, these creatures may pose an immediate danger to humans as a result of spreading mites throughout a structure and spreading illnesses. Any homeowner contending with attic bats must seek out wildlife removal services for proper removal of these creatures. Failure to obtain professional bat removal services and attempting the endeavor without the proper tools, equipment, and experience could prove to be highly dangerous.

Structural Concerns

Your home is the single largest purchase that you will make during your lifetime. It is your haven. It is where you escape from the hassles of the world and focus on your family. It is where you could – potentially – spend the entire duration of your life and entertain several generations of people. The last thing you want is for a bat infestation to take over your home, or even certain places within your home – such as the attic. A single bat or a few bats may not pose too much trouble; however, if a colony develops within your home, many problems may start to occur. In most instances, these issues stem from the accumulation of the fecal matter of the pesky critters.

Not only does this substance result in immense odors, but it can cause stains, damage wood, soak through insulation, and even short out electrical wires. In addition to this, urine dispelled by bats may pose problems with fluid damage. If there are many bats in the attic, they may even start gathering around soft spots in your insulation and walls and start to chew through the protective agents – such as walls and wire covers. Bat removal is an absolute must if these critters are in your home.

Health Concerns

If you have bats in your attic, there are many health concerns that should be considered. These creatures have the unique ability to carry a large variety of pathogens. As a result, many viruses have the ability to be transmitted from a bat to a person. Examples of these include the rabies virus, the Ebola virus, the Marburg virus, the Nipah virus, and the Hendra virus. These viruses are often referred to as “Zoonotic Diseases”, which means that they are actually human-based diseases that originate in various types of animals.

While considered to be uncommon to develop a sickness from bats, it is not unheard of – especially if a colony of the creatures has entered into a home and started nesting in the area. The most common health concerns associated with bats are infestations of fleas, lice, bat mites, and ticks – all of which may carry and transmit unique viruses to both people and their pets. It is best to be safe than sorry when it comes to the potential health concerns associated with bats. By contacting wildlife removal services, you can win the battle before the fight ever has to start.

Signs It Is Time for Bat Removal Services

While many believe identifying the signs of a bat infestation would be easy, sometimes, it is rather difficult. Not all infestations will gather in open spaces where they may be observed by humans. Being that the creatures have the unique ability to fit into the smallest of spaces, they may hide within a home’s foundation, within the walls of a home, or even within the roof of a residence.

In order to determine if it is time for bat removal services, you should look for evidence of oils and pieces of fur that may be left behind by the creatures. The fecal matter and the urine of the bat may result in stains that are brown or black. Fecal matter may be seen. It commonly includes components of the insects that the bat has consumed. You may also hear bat noises being emitted from various regions of the home.

Wildlife Removal Services

The wildlife removal services – such as those offered here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors – that specialize in bat removal will generally initiate the process by determining what types of bats are present within the attic, or other areas of the home. Then, the point of entry will be identified and immediately closed in order to prevent further infestation.

Common points of entry include chimneys, gable vents, and intersects of the roof structure. Signs of infestation will be recognized by the highly-trained field technician performing the extraction. The removal strategy will be determined. If necessary, attic restoration services may also be offered. If you are in need of bat services, simply contact us today:

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