Beavers Cause Millions of Dollars of Damage to Homes in the United States Each Year

Beaver Removal South Carolina Beavers are considered to be highly beneficial, in terms of a wildlife point of view; however, they are known to create multiple problems for homeowners within the United States. Damages typically include flooded lands, flooded timber, the destruction of valuable trees, as well as immense levels of interference with property drainage units.

According to estimates of just one well-known state that contends with beavers, the damage is estimated to be at $23 million a year. That means that the United States – as a whole – suffers from millions upon millions of dollars’ worth of damage, annually.

If you live in the State of South Carolina or North Carolina, continue reading to learn more about beavers and how to eliminate these pesky creatures should they start invading your property by utilizing an experience beaver removal company.

The Unique Capability of Beavers

When dealing with beavers, you should know and understand that these creatures are notorious in terms of being clever. They have the ability to climb on virtually anything – steps, ladders, and drainage components – in order to access plants, trees, and other items – required for the construction of their dams and other constructions.

Beavers may climb upon sticks, bricks, and various other types of debris and will even use their sharp teeth to aid in lifting. As a result, many homeowners find themselves experiencing a massive amount of damage each year.

The Growing Population

Beavers were once considered a very valuable resource, due to their fur. However, trapping does not occur as frequently. As a result, the population of beavers is growing at an immense rate. Now, beavers have the ability to get up as large as 70 pounds.

They consume corn and soybean crops, a few water-based creatures, and the layer of cambium that is situated just below the bark that is on woody-based plants. Increasing populations means that the beavers of today are able to create massive amounts of damage.

Common Types of Beaver Damage

Beavers are most widely known for their ability to build dams. In taking part in this activity, they may destroy culverts that aid in drainage, cause the collapse of driveways and other outdoor areas, cause flooding in yards and even entire neighborhoods, result in falling trees, and block waterways, such as streams that help in spawning fish and providing water to homes.

Many homeowners have even experienced the unfortunate issue of having beavers destroy their actual homes, sheds, barns, and other components of their property, such as gutters.

We Can Remove Beavers from Your Property

While it is true that beavers are cute and highly interesting to watch, it is NOT worth the potential complications that may arise from an infestation. Yes, many homeowner policies will cover beaver damage, but why take the chance and deal with the problems that their destruction may cause?

Simply contact us at Palmetto Wildlife Removal today and we will safely remove the beavers that have invaded your property. We treat all creatures in the most humane way possible. Simply contact us at 855-465-1088 today!

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