Caution Urged as Alligator Mating Season Draws Near

Alligators start the process of courting in the early weeks of April. By May and June of each year, mating season is in full swing. By the end of June or in the early part of July, female alligators will begin the process of depositing their eggs in nests that are composed of mixtures of soil, various types of vegetation or debris. Alligator Season

On average, anywhere from 30 to 50 eggs are laid in each nest. The incubation period lasts up to 60 or 70 days, which places hatching from the middle of August through the early part of September. As mating season draws near, wildlife professionals are urging people to be exceptionally cautious.

The Quest for Love Has Begun

Now that the rains are upon us, the swamps are becoming exceptionally active. Alligators are emerging from the swamps and heading into populated regions on their yearly quest to reproduce. The season has already seen a lot of activity.

In Hillsborough County in Florida, a 10-foot alligator was underneath a car, another gator was in the backyard of a home and went for a swim in the pool on the property, and a housing complex had to have one of the reptiles removed from its property.

The Southern states always see more alligator activity between the months of April and June. The increase in temperatures has a direct result on the alligator’s metabolism. As a result, they are energetic and capable of traveling further distances to seek out food and love.

Distancing Required

As mating season comes into full swing, people are encouraged to keep their distance from alligators and the areas that they are known to frequent. Attacks, bites, and deaths on humans from alligators is considered to be rare, but not unheard of.

Gators should never be fed. If they are fed by humans, they will start to associate people -all people -with food. This could result in tragic attacks. Pets should not be allowed to roam free. They should be leashed and should remain with their owners at all times.

It is more common for gators to attack small animals (pets) than people. Alligator activity is at an all-time high between dusk and dawn. Make plans so that you and your pets lower your risk of an attack during these times of day.

Wildlife Professionals

If you find that you have an alligator on your property or near your property, it is important that you know that there are wildlife trapping, removal, and/or remediation services available. We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors have the tools, knowledge, and resources to successfully capture and remove these potentially dangerous creatures.

When these reptiles live too close to people, they become too conditioned. As a result, they may pose a danger to children, pets, and adults. You should never attempt to handle an alligator on your own. We have the training and certification necessary to handle these troublesome reptiles. All it takes is a quick call to the following number: 855-465-1088

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