Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading Among Deer in North Carolina Weeks Before the Start of Hunting Season 

According to reports, a deadly neurological-based disease is spreading among deer within the State of North Carolina. The illness has been identified as chronic wasting disease.Deer

While only two deer located within a mile of each other in Yadkin County have been found with the disease, it is a cause of concern as this comes just week before the start of the hunting season.

This is fatal in deer, caribou, elk, reindeer, and moose. As of recent, there are no reports of this illness spreading to humans, but it could be possible if people eat the meat of an infected animal.

What Is Chronic Wasting Disease?

Chronic wasting disease is a highly contagious, neurological illness that is extremely fatal. It typically impacts various types of deer species. The brain experiences a type of spongy degeneration.

In turn, this results in abnormal behavior, the loss of the functions of the body, emaciation, and – eventually – death. It is within the group of diseases identified as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies or “TSEs”. 

What Causes Chronic Wasting Disease?

According to research, it is believed that this condition is caused by an abnormal cellular-based protein that is located within the lymphoid tissue and the central nervous system. It results in an infection of the animal. 

Can Humans Catch Chronic Wasting Disease?

Studies have found that there is a barrier that results in the transmission to humans highly unlikely. It has not been deemed impossible, though. If transmission does occur, it likely occurs after consuming the meat from an infected animal.

Currently, officials are advising that people avoid coming into contact with any type of infectious agent as an evaluation is being performed to determine if there is a health risk to people. With hunting season about to start, people should weigh the pros and cons associated with consuming meats obtained at this time. 

How Can People Avoid Exposure? 

With chronic wasting disease spreading, the following steps may be taken by people to avoid exposure:

  1. If an animal appears to be sick or acting abnormally, avoid it and avoid consuming the meat from the animal. 
  2. If you see an animal acting weird, contact the Fish and Wildlife Agency of your state immediately. 
  3. When field dressing animals during hunting, wear rubber or latex gloves.
  4. Engaging in the act of boning out animals and do not cut the brain or the spine.
  5. Avoid handling any tissue from the brain or the spinal-based tissue.
  6. Wash hands immediately after finishing up field dressing activities. 
  7. Use bleach to clean instruments. It should be placed in 40% bleach, 60% water for a minimum of 5 minutes. 
  8. Have the animal processed commercially and individually to ensure that all is well and it does not contaminant other animals. 

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