Deadly Alligator Attacks Are Increasing in South Carolina 

In the past, deadly alligator attacks on humans were considered to be a rare and even unheard of occurrence. In the past decade, though, this has become increasingly more common.

Many professionals in the industries of zoology and trapping feel that the increases in deadly attacks stem from the acts of humans. The two main ones are feeding the creatures and expanding developments into the territories where alligators live.

4th of July Attack

Ms. Jenkins was walking her dog on July 4th 2023 along the bank of a pond that is located in the community known as Spanish Wells. The 9-foot alligator came out at her and attacked her. The dog managed to get away and was later found by the family.

Immediately after, her son discovered her face down in the pond with the alligator still under the attack. When rescue arrived, the gator continued to guard the body. Finally, the Department of Natural Resources captured the creature and euthanized it. 

Sun City Attack

On August 15th in 2022, Nancy Becker who lived in Hilton Head was engaging in gardening activities just outside of her home – which was in the Sun City community. Speculation is that she fell near or directly into the pond that was located by her property.

An alligator then dragged her into the water. Again, when rescue arrived, the creature attempted to guard the body. It took nearly 2 hours to successfully recover the body. 

Myrtle Beach Attack

On June 24th in 2022, Mr. Burstein was at the Excalibur Court area located in the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club when the attack happened. According to witnesses, he was simply standing at the edge of the pond.

Suddenly, the gator lunged out, got a grip on Mr. Burstein, and dragged him under the water. The ultimate cause of death was drowning with the attack as the reason why the death occurred. 

Other Incidents

In addition to the most previous deadly alligator attacks listed above, several other individuals have lost their lives in South Carolina as a result of an attack. These include the following:

  1. Cynthia Covert, 58, was on Kiawah Island on May 1st 2020. She was in a client’s home to offer her cosmetology services when she noticed a 10 foot alligator in the lagoon behind the home. Despite being warned not to get too close, she went outside to snap pictures of the creature. The alligator seized her and dragged her into the water. Despite rescue efforts, the gator went into a death roll and killed the lady. 
  2. Cassandra Cline, 45, was walking her dog on August 20th 2018 near a pond in Hilton Head. Suddenly, an 8 foot alligator came out at the dog. She tried to defend her pet and the alligator turned on her. She was immediately dragged into the water and was killed. 
  3. Bonnie Walker, 90, was in West Ashley at her senior living community on July 27th in 2016 when she wandered off into the night. The next day, a staff member discovered her body in a nearby retention pond. It was established that – one way or another – an alligator was to blame. It is unknown if she went into the water, fell in the water, or the gator came out at her. 


Now – more than ever before – it is imperative that you stay alert in South Carolina and all other states where alligators are present. If you find that you have a nuisance alligator on your property, you may contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

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