Deforestation and The Colo

Monkeys are beautiful, interesting and wise creatures that share many comparisons to humans. It’s no wonder why humans are fond of them. Sadly, however, our fondness of them doesn’t necessarily protect them.

One species, the Colobus Monkey, is in danger due to deforestation in Africa, along with other species as well. This rare breed, with black and white or olive fur with long tails and nubby thumbs, can be found in Kenya, East Africa, and other coastal forest regions in Africa.

According to Nikela: “Their tropical forest habitats are dwindling just like many forest world wide are at an exceedingly fast rate due to increasing populations driving growth in agriculture and developments with the“big” business endeavors limning pockets where the spotlight should really be on preserving habitats in balance with growing demands.”

The Colobus Monkey, as well as other species, is a vital part of the eco system and it is up to us to save them. Learn more and find out what you can do.

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