Getting Rid of Beavers

Getting Rid of Beavers While the beaver is relatively harmless and would not normally hurt or approach a person, many of us do not want them hanging out on our property. They are the largest rodent in the US, and an adult beaver can weigh up to 65 pounds and measure anywhere from 24 to 36 inches long/ And, when you add in a tail that can be 12 to 18 inches long, you will find yourself looking at a fairly large and, with its rat like features, a sometimes frightening animal.

So, many of us are now asking ourselves, “how do we evict these large rodents from our land?”

What not to use

You may find yourself searching the internet for quick fix ways to rid yourself of beavers. However, there is no quick and easy fix to remove beavers. Many stores may advertise beaver repellents such as predator urine ( fox and coyote are the most popular), ammonia and mothballs; however, once you have tried these, you will still notice that any beavers on your property are still there. Then you may buy into the fancy sound emitters. These high frequency noises claim to aggravate the beaver enough to make it move on to the next house, but as before, once you try this quick fix, you will notice that the beavers are still hanging around your property.

Now that you have wasted valuable time and money trying all these sure-fire quick fixes that are at the store, many of us think that we will just blow up that pesky beaver dam, and then they will leave. Well, guess what? They won’t. They will come back and rebuild, and you will be faced with the same problem all over again. How can you get rid of these beavers once and for all?

The only viable solution

It is best for you to never attempt to remove a beaver on your own. You could end up catching another unsuspecting wild animal that could be even more dangerous for you to handle, or the beaver could learn how to elude your traps altogether. They are extremely crafty animals, which is why you should always call in the professionals. They will know all of the rules and regulations associated with removing beavers and how to safely and effectively remove the beaver for you.

The best option for ridding yourself of unwanted beavers is to call in your local wildlife company and allow them to trap and remove the beaver for you. They will know how to properly handle the situation and will be able to advise you on how to ensure that any other beavers do not find your property as welcoming as before. You can use any tips and tricks they tell you to ensure that the beavers do not return and you do not have to deal with any more unwanted and pesky beavers.

You may think that the best way to rid yourself of beavers is to pick something up at the hardware store. However, you may find that the quick and simple solutions are not so quick and simple. If it was really that easy to rid yourself of beavers, there would be very little space in the country that they would inhabit. So, when you come across an unwanted beaver, go for the tried and true solution and call in the experts.

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