How to Avoid a Bad Encounter with Coyotes

It is a known fact that coyotes have attacked both humans and their pets; however, the risk of such an attack is considered to be relatively low. By the simple modification of behaviors while in the presence of coyotes, you may successfully avoid complications with these creatures. Encounters in urban and suburban areas are considered to be rare – even if the creatures are known to abound in the area.

Typically considered to be nocturnal, most people rarely see coyotes. You may observe these creatures briefly when they are moving from their territory into other areas in search of food – even during the daytime hours. In this brief guide, you will be provided with a few simple strategies on how to avoid a bad situation should you encounter one or more coyotes.

  1. Avoid Feeding

The first and most effective strategy for preventing a negative encounter with a coyote is to avoid feeding the creature. If the creature resides in and/or has been observed in a residential area, feedings can cause it to lose their fear of people and associate humans as a food source.

Giving a coyote food directly will have many negative consequences. You should avoid feeding coyotes indirectly, too. An example of an indirect feeding is leaving pet food outdoors at night, not securing trash, and leaving food out for other creatures – such as birds.

  1. Avoid Running from the Creature

If you see a coyote, you should never attempt to run from it. Instead, you should make loud noises – such as a shout – and attempt to throw something in its general direction. If your area is known for coyotes and you walk frequently, simply carry a small can with rocks and shake it if you encounter a coyote. If you observe a coyote during the daytime hours, it could be that it has become accustomed to humans and they are more likely to approach you. Do not run as this may encourage an attack.

  1. Keep Pets from Running Loose

If coyotes live in your area, avoid allowing your pets to run loose – even if you have a fence. Always keep your dogs on a leash and stay with them when they are outdoors. If you have a cat, attempt to keep it indoors as felines have the ability to attract coyotes.

If you feed your pet outdoors, always make certain that you discard of any remaining food and water when you bring them indoors.

Let Us Help

If you observe a coyote that appears to be aggressive or does not seem to be frightened of you, it should be reported immediately. You may also contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to quickly and easily remove coyotes and other types of wildlife from your property before they become a danger to you. You should never attempt to catch or trap wild coyotes on your own as this could pose many dangers to you. Call us today at

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