How to Avoid Conflicts with Alligators During Their Mating Season

Living in the Carolinas means that we all share the state with a large population of alligators. Now that the weather is heating up and their mating season is in full swing, we must all do that which is necessary to avoid conflicts with the creatures. Alligators are more active during this time. They are also more visible.

Additionally, the warmer temperatures means that they have a higher level of metabolism at this time and will move around more not only for mating purposes, but to find prey for consumption. While bites and attacks are rare, they are not impossible. In this guide, we will provide several tips on how you can successfully avoid any problems with alligators. 

Stay Alert 

As alligator populations start moving to search for mates and prey, you will find that you see them more often than usual. The creatures are moving from the areas where they resided in the cooler months and are relocating to new bodies of water. They may cross land. They may end up in areas where people live, work, and play.

While it is not likely that the creatures will be aggressive, it is imperative that you stay alert to your surroundings. If you observe an alligator, keep as much space between you and the creature as possible. 

Keep in mind that alligators may be in the water that you swim, boat, and/or fish in; therefore, avoid swimming in the evening, through the night, until morning. Examples of bodies of water where gators may be found include fresh water, brackish water, lakes, rivers, and other habitats that are swamp-like.

Keep children and pets from bodies of water unless you are closely supervising them. Stay away from banks and remember, alligators can easily blend into their environments. 

Do Not Interact 

Under no circumstance should you feed an alligator, approach one, attempt to catch one, or touch a gator. If an alligator comes onto your property, is a nuisance, or appears to be aggressive, you should immediately contact a professional handler or professional trapper. 

Handle an Attack 

If – for some reason – you are attacked by an alligator, be certain to fight back. You should display a high level of resistance and make as much noise as you are able to possibly make. You should hit, kick, and even poke the animal’s eyes. These actions may result in the creature releasing its grip on you.

Alligators prefer prey that they are capable of overpowering. If you put up a fight, they will often back off. If at all possible, try to remain on land – where you have the advantage. If you are in the water, the alligator will have the advantage. 

Contact Us 

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