How to Bear Proof Your Property

How to Bear Proof Your PropertyBears are intelligent creatures that have been known to easily adapt to living with humans. They are curious and will seek out food wherever they can find it. It is not uncommon for them to begin to associate human residences with a readily available food source.

This means that if you live in an area inhabited by bears and they can find food on your property then you will most likely come across a bear in your yard. They can be dangerous and attack, but for the most part, they are only concerned with the free food they have found.

However, make no mistake, you should never approach a wild bear. They are much larger than us, stronger than us and have sharp teeth and claws. You do not want to make any unnecessary sudden movements around them. So, how can you ensure that your yard remains bear free? Here are a few tips to keeping your property free of bears.

  • You have to eliminate any type of food source that will attract bears.
    • Secure your trash. You should keep trash inside or tightly tie up any trash cans left outside. Bears will open trash cans that are not secured and eat directly out of them and throw trash all over your yard in the progress.
    • Watch your gardens. Fruit and vegetables are a nice meal for a bear. Therefore, you need some strong fencing around your garden to keep the bear out. At the very least, you need to pick up any produce that has fallen to the ground.
    • Check those bird feeders. Bears will take food from bird feeders, so it is best not to leave them out, especially from April to November when bears will be out and looking for easy food sources.
    • Keep an eye on your pet’s food. Bears will get into your pet’s food, so you need to make sure your pet and its food will be safe. You should feed pets inside and store their food inside. If you have to feed them outside, make sure you give them enough for one sitting and remove any excess food immediately. If you do store your pet food outside, then you must ensure that it is properly secured just as you would your trash cans.
    • Watch any outdoor grills. Bear can smell your grill from miles away. You need to clean any outdoor grills immediately and never dump any of the remnants from your grill into your yard.
  • Keep your yard clean. Bears will be attracted to trash in your yard. They are scavengers and curious creatures who are not afraid to rifle through your yard in search of food or play. The more mess in your yard, the more likely a bear will be attracted to your property. So, keep it neat and bear free.
  • Talk to your neighbors. If your neighbors have a readily available food source for a bear that means you have a higher risk of being visited by a bear. It is next door and finds a meal, so why should it not go to the next house and see if they left something out to eat too? In order to ensure that you stay bear free, it is best to talk to your neighbors and help them understand different techniques to keep not only their home but also your home free from bears.

Finding a bear in your yard can be a bit unsettling. However, if you use the tips above, hopefully, you and your family will never have to find out how terrifying it could be. If you do happen to encounter a bear on your property, do not panic and never approach it on your own. Call your local wildlife removal experts and let them handle the situation.

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