How to Determine if You Have a Bat Infestation

Bat Infestation Bats, the name alone can send shivers down your back. Most of us have a fear of these creatures and do not want them anywhere near us. The fact that they could be roosting in or near our homes is enough to make us want to run away and find a new place to live; however, this is definitely not a realistic solution to our maybe bat infestation problem.

So, how do you know if you have a bat problem? There are a few signs that may help you determine if you are letting your imagination and uncontrollable fears get the best of you or if truly have a bat infestation.

  1. Seeing a large number of bats near your home. If you see one bat hanging around, you may be able to safely assume it just flew away from its flock and will soon return to it. However, if you notice a larger grouping of bats around your home, then you may want to check your attic or eaves to see if they have made a nest in your home. Bats are typically predictable creatures that tend to leave their nests during dusk or early evening hours from the same entry point, so you should be able to easily determine if they are coming and going from your home.
  2. Noticing brown or black stains near an entry to your house. As bats enter and leave your home from the same opening over and over, they may rub up against it. This causes the oils from their fur to get deposited on the opening, which will result in a brown or black stain. If you notice any discolorations in or on your home, you may want to call in the experts to see if it came from a bat infestation or something else.
  3. You find bat droppings. This can be disgusting to find, but it is a clear sign that you have a bat problem. Their droppings are unique and look like pieces of black rice. Bat droppings can cause multitude of bad effects on your health and can be extremely dangerous to you if there are large amounts nearby. You may notice their droppings in the attic, exterior walls, window sills, driveways or anywhere the bats may fly past.
  4. You hear strange noises. It is like a bad horror movie come to life. You hear something coming from your walls or ceiling, and you don’t know what it could be. If you hear chirping or squeaking, it could be a bat. These animals are known to make these sounds. You may also hear scratching or thumping noises from them flying in or out of your house. So, beware if you hear anything similar to these sounds, call in the professionals and have your house checked for an infestation.

Most of us are easily scared by bats. That is why it can be so frightening just thinking that you may have a bat infestation. You may start freaking out or panicking, but you do not need to worry.

There are many wildlife organizations that specialize in removing these pests from your house. So, do not try to tackle this problem on your own. Call in someone who knows how to safely remove these creatures and sanitize your home once they are gone.

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