How to Keep Possums Off Your Property

How to Keep Possums Off Your Property

When a lot of us see possums, we immediately think it looks like a huge rat. Those beady eyes, furry body and razor sharp teeth can have most of us running. However, possums can be shy and try to avoid human contact. However, I would not try to approach them because like any other wild animal, they will attack. Those pointy teeth can do some damage, so never t5ry to corner a possum or provoke it. You are probably thinking that you do not want this large rat-like creature anywhere near you or on your property, so how can you be sure that your property stays possum free? Here are a few tips to keep your house and yard inhospitable to possums.

Seal off any entryways

A possum is looking for a nice place to call home, and they usually find this by sneaking into our homes. We need to seal off any entry ways to make the possum move on to the next house. You will need to ensure that all outside vents are covered. One of the possums favorite things to do is sneak into our homes through the dryer vent or any uncovered vents. You also need to ensure that crawl spaces and decks are secured. You could use some strong metal fencing to close off any holes in your decking.

A possum will also nest under your house or shed if given the chance, so you will need to seal off any holes in your foundation. If you notice any large holes or cracks, you need to make sure the possum has not already moved in because you do not want to seal him in there. You also need to trim any tree branches that are hanging over your roof. Possums have been known to climb trees and enter your attic or house from your chimney, vents or holes in the roof. You should also keep any types of plants or structures that a possum could climb away from your house for the same reason.

Eliminate their food sources

Possums will stay in a place that has an easily available food source. They need to eat just like everything else, and they are not picky eaters. Possums are scavengers that will take advantage of any type of food left unattended. They will go through unsecured trash, so you need to keep your trash inside your garage or secure it outside. They will make a nice meal out of your pet’s food. This means you should not leave any left over pet food outside, and you need to properly secure your pet food.

You should also take care with your garden because they are known to destroy them. It is a readily laid out feast for them. You should pick up any fruit that has fallen on the ground and try your best to fence off the area in order to make it difficult for them to invade your garden. You will need to fence off the top too because they are great climbers and will be on the prowl for dinner.

Get rid of water sources

Possums will want to find a residence that has an easily accessible water source. If you have a pool, garden pond or live near a natural water source, then you have the ideal home for a possum. You will need to find ways to make these water sources harder for the possum to reach. You could try fencing as used before with the garden, but you have to remember that a possum will climb. This means sealing off the top of the fence, which will work for a garden pond but not so much for a pool or some large natural water sources. You also want to watch putting out water for your pets.

A possum could easily come along and benefit from free water. The same could be said of bird baths and any containers catching rain water on your property. You may need to be creative in finding ways to eliminating these easily accessible water sources, especially if you have had a possum problem before.

Possums are common in urban areas, and it is likely that you may come across one or two trespassing on your property. Normally, they will move on, but if you have a nice habitat for them that easily gives them food, water and shelter, you may find yourself with a new permanent resident that you do not want.

If you have done everything you can to possum proof your yard and still find a trespassing possum, the best thing to do is call in the professionals to trap and remove it. Wild animals can be unpredictable, and you do not want to make any mistakes in handling them.

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