How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeders

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeders

So you’ve left out some special treats for your bird friends. They seemed to be pretty happy at first, chirping about as they nibble on feed. However, you’ve noticed they’ve stopped coming around. You ask yourself, “Do they not like the food I’ve left them?” or “Have the neighbors taken them away?”or “Do they not like me?”

Before you get all emotional and feel like your feathered posey has left you for good, find out first if other little critters haven’t gotten to the birds’ stash. Squirrels are fond of climbing up and eating feed and even the feeder itself, chewing on wood and plastic to get a snack.

So how do you make sure only birds are eating your feed? “Place feeders well away from trees, wires and porches to make it more difficult for squirrels to get on the feeder,” says expert Chris Mullins.

It’s also a good measure to mount birdfeeders on a metal pole high enough to not be accessible to squirrels and away from branches or bushes.

“If all else fails, consider putting food out for the squirrels. Squirrels love to eat dried corn,” Mullins said. “Perhaps they’ll consider snacking on the corn and leave the bird feed alone.”

So don’t worry, you’ll get your bird friends back! Read more here.

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