How to Protect Your Pets From Coyotes

Protect Your Pets From Coyotes There has been a huge boom in the coyote population, and we are finding more and more of them entering places that we inhabit. Most of them are very intelligent and unafraid to encroach on property that is inhabited by humans. They are territorial and predatorial, so many of us are afraid for our and our family’s safety.

We are also concerned with the safety of our pets. Many people let their cats roam freely, and dogs need to go outside to use the bathroom and get in some play time. This leaves many of us wondering how safe are our dogs when they are outside and out of our sight.

If it only takes a second for a coyote to pounce, how can we protect our four legged friends from these natural predators?

  • It may be time to stop allowing your pets to roam freely, especially if you have seen a coyote on or near your property. Your dogs and cats could easily become prey, or they could be attacked by a coyote trying to claim territorial dominance. It is best to keep cats inside and to take your dog on daily walks with a leash.
  • The highest number of coyote attacks on pets usually happen during the night or in the early evening and early morning hours. The times that are commonly referred to as dawn and dusk are highly active times for these predators, so you need to be extra careful with your pets during these times. You should definitely limit their outdoor time during these peak hours and take extra caution when walking your pets during these hours.
  • Be aware of any wooded or dark areas on your walks. Places that are dark and filled with plant life can make excellent spots for a coyote to hide, and these animals can also remember. They have a fairly high intellect and will become accustomed to your daily routine and could possibly lie in wait for you and your pet. So, you need to be extra cautious and avoid these types of areas and not be so routine. You should also try to keep your dog on a shorter leash when you are near these areas.
  • Fence in your It can be hard to keep our pet cooped up all day, so, of course, we want to let them out to get their exercise for the day and have some fun. The best option is to build a fence. However, you need to ensure that it is high enough to ensure that the coyote can not jump over it and also in the ground a few inches to ensure that the coyote will not dig under it. Remember to keep your fence properly maintained by checking it often for any holes. You could also look into an electric fence, but you need to make sure your pets will not be shocked by it. You could always install two fences and have the outer one be electric and let the inner one be a boundary for your pet.

It can be frightening for us to discover that a predator has been on our property. We may find ourselves questioning what we can do for our loved ones and how safe can we really be?

However, if you follow the smart path and call in the professionals, they can happily put your worries at ease. They can remove your unwanted guests and offer you top notch advice on how to keep these pests out of your yard for good. They will be more than happy to walk you through each and every step to ensure that you and your family can feel safe in your home and on your property.


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