How to Raccoon Proof Your Yard

Raccoon Proof Raccoons are a common sight in many cities and suburbs. In fact, they are more common to live in cities and suburbs than out in the wild. This means your chances of encountering a raccoon are pretty high. They tend to be rather curious animals that are not afraid of approaching people and ransacking their property.

So, how can you keep out these pesky little animals? The best way to stay raccoon free is by making your home as inhospitable to them as you an.

Here are just a few ways that you can do this.

  • Take care of your garbage. You need to eliminate a raccoon’s food source, and they usually like to feast on your garbage. This means no loose trash bags lying around. Your trash should be secured inside the garage or shed. If you are unable to keep your trash cans locked up, then you need to ensure that all trash cans are secure. You can use bungee cords to strap down the lids, get locks for the lids or buy extra heavy lids. Anything that will make it more difficult for a raccoon to eat should have him moving on to the next house.
  • Limit their water supply. If you have a pond or a pool, not only will raccoons have a free supply of drinking water, but they also like to swim, which will make your water attractions the perfect raccoon attractant. So, if you have a pool or pond try to fence it in entirely to make sure the raccoon will not have easy access. You need to make sure the fence is strong and has small holes. You would be surprised at the spaces these animals squeeze through.
  • Do not leave out pet food. Some of us have to have our dogs outside, so there is no way they can feed them inside. Raccoons will be attracted to any pet food your pet does not eat. It is a perfectly placed free meal for them. This means that once your pet is done eating, you should put up any leftovers they may have. You should also store your pet’s food inside or have it secured just like your garbage if you store it outside.
  • Take away their shelter. If you have holes in your fencing, decking or house, then you have created an entry point for a raccoon to find shelter. They love to sleep under decks and can easily sneak into your home through the smallest of holes. If you happen to notice any holes, nooks or crannies that a raccoon may have used, you need to hire a professional to relocate the animal and fix the holes immediately to ensure that you have no more unexpected guests.

The main thing to remember is that you want to make your home as inhospitable to the raccoon as possible. Try not to give it any shelter, an easy supply of food and access to drinking water. If you make sure that everything in and around your home is locked up tight, then the raccoon will move on to a more hospitable place.

If you have already seen a raccoon in or near your home, then it is time to call the professionals that have the knowledge on how to safely and humanely remove the raccoon. You never want to attempt to approach a wild animal on your own. You never know how they will react.

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