How to Tell if a Skunk Is About to Spray

How to Tell if a Skunk Is About to Spray Most of us know to never approach a skunk. They have one of the best defense systems in the world. Luckily for us, we have all heard about the smell associated with a skunk spray and that is enough to keep us well away from these roaming animals.

However, for some reason a few of us just can not resist the lure of a skunk, be it just plain curiosity, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or trying to make them leave our property. We end up finding out the hard way how monstrous and painful the spray of a skunk can be.

And if you are crazy enough to approach a skunk or accidentally end up getting a little too close for comfort, there are a few warning signs that you may want to look out for that will show you that a skunk is getting prepared to spray.

Warning signs- leave the area
So, one way or another you have found yourself in the close proximity of a skunk and now have reason to fear that you might end up getting sprayed by a concoction that is rumored to be worse than mustard gas. So, how do you know if a skunk is about to spray?

The first warning sign is when the skunk becomes aware of you and puts his tail in the air. Then he usually starts stomping his front feet. This signal lets you know he sees you and wants you to leave. This is definitely when you want to make your exit, but if you decide to stay his warnings will get a little bit more flamboyant.

He will begin making a scene by charging, stomping and dragging his body around the area. He is trying to scare you into leaving, and for most of us this should work. However, if you decide to stay and watch the skunk beware. He will then turn his body into a U shape.

This way he can see his target (you), take aim and fire away. Did you know that an adult skunk can hit a target that is 15 feet away with great accuracy? If you stick around after a skunk’s repeated warnings, you will get the joy of finding this out.

So, if you do find yourself near a skunk and it is exhibiting these behaviors, it is not a show you want to stick around watching it until the end. It could end very badly for you. It is not just the smell you have to worry about because if the spray gets in your eyes it can cause temporary blindness.

If you happen to come upon a skunk in your yard remember they do not just go around spraying everything within a ten mile radius. It is not something they usually do, but when they are scared or frightened they will defend themselves.

So, it is definitely in your best interest to not tempt fate. If you go the other way and leave the skunk alone, you will escape the calamity of being sprayed, and if you want to remove the skunk from your property, call in help from someone who knows what they are doing.

Wildlife management officers are trained in how to safely handle removing skunks. You, on the other hand, are not.

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