Identifying and Eliminating Moles

Moles are carnivores that have an appetite for various types of insects and dwell within the ground. Despite the fact that they hold no level of enthusiasm for the plant life situated on your property, the underground tunnels that these pests create could result in the total destruction of your lawn and create access points for other types of rodents to find their way to the plants and vegetation present in and around your lawn.

If you have moles on your property, it could indicate that there is an excessive number of insects and other types of organic matter in your soil. In this guide, we will expound on how to identify moles and the steps that you may take to eliminate the creatures. 

Distinguishing Characteristics

Moles are mammals that have very tiny eyes, muzzles that are relatively pointed, and small odd-shaped bodies. They have front structures shaped like muzzles that they utilize to move through the soil underground. They prefer soil that is moist and they are most active in either the early morning or late in the evening.

They are also known to come out immediately after a good, solid rain in the warmer months of the year. The small ear canals are hidden by fur, but they do not have external ears. Their toes are webbed and they have slender claws, with narrow hind feet. They may grow up to 7 inches and typically only weigh about 4 ounces.


Moles are known to feed on many different types of insects – even those that are considered to be highly beneficial, like earthworms. They dig relatively deep, but can create tunnels on the surface of your lawn and even mounds that look similar to small types of volcanoes. Ridges may also appear along your lawn when moles are present.

If other types of rodents discover the tunnels that moles create on your property, they may use them to move along the yard and may consume vegetation that is present. In some instances, the tunnels may even attract rodents.


There are many ways to deter and eliminate moles from your property. Most people attempt trapping. Then, there are those that utilize devices that are ultrasonic or make a lot of noise. If you want to get rid of moles so that they are no longer attracted to your property, you may create a concoction of castor oil and dish detergent.

Once this is mixed, place it within a gallon of water and completely soak the tunnels, ridges, and other obvious places where the mole or moles have been. Many claim that coffee grounds and/or tar deters moles.

If you have moles on your property, it is best to opt for professional mole control services. We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors have the tools, resources, and knowledge to quickly and effectively eliminate moles from your property. To learn more about our process or to discover the ways we can help with your pest problem, you may contact us today by calling: 855-465-1088


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