Is a Fox a Danger to People or Pets

Most of us may feel intimidated or frightened when confronted by a fox on our property. We may worry about our safety and the safety of our families and our pets. We may worry about being attacked or if the fox has rabies. Therefore, most of us will try to stay as far away from the fox as possible.

However, a few may think that the fox is cute and try to pet it or feed it, and others may assume that they should try to corner it and catch it themselves before it happens across any of our children or pets. This is never a good choice, and you should never corner any wild animal because even the smallest creature can become ferocious when cornered.

You can never tell which animals pose a threat to us. This is probably when you will ask if a fox is one of those dangerous animals. Well, here are a few things you should consider before you decide to approach that fox.

 Fox attacks

If you do try to corner or scare away a fox, it may run away. However, there is a fairly high chance that it will stand its ground, especially when it has nowhere to run to.

They can become aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened, are trying to defend themselves or protecting their young, but in general, if you leave the fox alone, it will typically leave you alone as you are much too large to be easy prey. However, they will feed on any of your livestock that is small such as chickens, rabbits or any other small animals near your home. They normally would not attack your dog or cat, but if they are frightened or extremely hungry, it could happen, especially to smaller dogs and cats.

However, we are not the usual prey the fox has its eyes set on, and only in extreme circumstances or if a fox had become infected with rabies, will we or our pets become victims to a fox.

 Fox diseases

As with most wild animals that encroach on our property, we have to wonder, is there any diseases they can transfer to us or our pets? As noted earlier, they can carry rabies, and this can pose a risk to us and our pets. It can also spread bacteria throughout your property and your garden through its feces.

If a fax does defecate in or near your garden, you should clean it immediately to ensure that any harmful bacteria does not spread. For the most part, we will not be affected by any diseases that a fox carries, but since it is part of the canine group of animals, a lot of their diseases can easily be passed along to our dogs.

One such common disease is mange. It can cause a lot of discomfort for your dog and some hair loss. It is easily treatable, and the sooner the better. Treatment will quickly ease any discomfort and stop the hair loss. It is fairly easy to say that you do not want a fox in or near your home, especially if you have any small children or dogs.

Most of us do not want any type of wild animals on our property. The fact that their behavior is unpredictable and you never know what type of diseases they may carry is reason enough to call in your local wildlife professionals.

They can effectively remove any wild animal that may enter your yard or home, secure your yard from future invasions, properly sanitize any area the animal inhabited and inform you of the proper ways to avoid any type of disease transmittance. Calling in the professionals will always be the safest and most effective way to deal with any type of wildlife invasion.

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