Is Bigfoot in the South Carolina Lowcountry?

This is not your typical wildlife report. In all actuality, it is rather unusual. It is not your common nuisance alligator, stray coyote report, or bats in the attic event. No, this is much different.Big Foot

This is a report of a cryptozoological creature that is believed to exist, yet confirmation of existence has yet to occur. This is a report of Bigfoot and a possible sighting that occurred in the South Carolina Lowcountry at Hunting Island State Park. 

What Was the Bigfoot Report at Hunting Island State Park?

Three visitors to the Hunting Island State Park reported to both the staff at the park and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization that on August 3rd 2022 – around noon – they observed an animal that was rather unusual.

It was walking upright and measured around 5 to 6 feet tall. They saw the creature moving into the brush as they left the lighthouse at the park. They stated that the creature had the following characteristics:

  • The legs were about 3 feet long
  • The knee was jointed much like that of humans
  • The hair was dark brown to black and was about 2 inches in length 

The individuals stated that they had visited the area frequently since the 1950s and that they had never witnessed such a creature. The individuals were asked if it could have been other animals such as a deer or even a bobcat, but they were insistent that it was not.

The superintendent of the park has deemed the report as being “credible” and a full investigation has initiated. 

What Is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a cryptid. This means it is a mysterious creature that is believed to exist, yet science has not yet confirmed its existence, officially. To date, the story of Bigfoot is considered to be a legend.

However, since the year of 1958, many have claimed observing this creature. Is Bigfoot real? That is truly the question! It is quite difficult to dispute those who have said that they have seen the creature themselves throughout history.

The fact still remains, though, there is no conclusive evidence that this creature does exist. 

Reporting Bigfoot

The oldest and the largest organization that focuses on research associated with Bigfoot is the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). This group offers field investigations of reports and engaged in projects that are designed to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

This is a credible agency that started in the year of 1995. If you observe Bigfoot in South Carolina’s Lowcountry or any other location, you may report it on the website of this organization and you will receive a follow-up by a professional researcher. 

Can We Handle It?

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors are wildlife removal and remediation professionals. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of wildlife. We must admit that we have yet to officially handle Bigfoot, but we dare say – with a little creativity and a few adjustments to our equipment, we could handle the job! 

Seriously, though, we are standing by to assist with all of your wildlife needs – be it a stray coyote, a troublesome wild pig, or just a few beavers! Call us today at: 855-465-1088

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