Live And Work In A Healthy Environment With Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Services

Has your family been complaining about weird smells and strange noises in your Greenwood, SC home? Is anyone experiencing unexplained breathing problems and headaches that can’t be attributed to normal allergies?

Don’t assume the weird smells are just coming from the trash or that the strange noises are tree branches scraping along the roof. You may actually have wildlife living somewhere inside your home. Wildlife can cause immense damage along with leaving feces behind, which can create breathing problems for everyone in your family. It only takes one small, inconspicuous opening to allow animals inside.

For residents in the Greenwood, South Carolina region, you need reliable wildlife removal services. The longer you wait, the more established the animal becomes inside your home. It will begin to breed and give birth as you could have a serious infestation. Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors to remove your wildlife problem.

With Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, we will inspect your home to find out how the animal is getting inside and what type of animal problem you have. We then set up the traps to capture the wildlife in a safe and humane manner. We strive to relocate the animal to a place where it will no longer be a nuisance to residents, although we unfortunate can’t do this with every creature.

Our highly professional staff can handle all types of wildlife removal that includes rats, bats, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, birds, skunks, beavers and coyotes. We apply for the proper permits and licenses to ensure we follow all state and federal laws when capturing animals from homes. In addition, we also remove dead animals from homes and commence in the proper feces removal and biological treatment of the soiled areas.

So contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors today to get a quote regarding our paid services for both residential and commercial wildlife capturing and cleanup.

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