Wildlife Remediation Helps to Reduce Conflicts Between Humans and Animals

Wildlife remediation – which is often referred to as “relocation”, “transplantation”, or “translocation” – is the act of capturing and transferring a wild animal from one location to another location.

This activity is commonly engaged in to enhance wildlife populations of animals that are considered to be rare or extinct within a certain area, to provide opportunities to view the animals, as well as to avoid conflicts between humans and animals.

Each year, thousands of animals are remediated within the United States. We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors specialize in offering these services to individuals and businesses who find themselves experiencing wildlife encounters. We simply capture the animal and relocate them to their natural habitat – away from human populations.

Professional Services are a Must

If you are plagued by a wildlife species at your home or at your business, it may be tempting to take the matter into your own hands and attempt to capture and relocate the animal yourself; however, this may prove to be dangerous for both you and the animal that you want to relocate. First, the handling of wildlife is a very risky endeavor.

Not only does the animal have the capability of becoming aggressive due to the fear that they experience when being captured and their close proximity to you, they may also be carrying diseases that could be transferred to you. Both of these situations could risk your health and the health of your loved ones – even your pets.

The dangers that face the animal that you are moving is that they may be placed in a habitat that is not naturally suited to their ability to survive. While it is true that most animals possess an amazing ability to successfully adapt to their environments, many simply do not have the resources that they require.

In addition to this, if they are not relocated to an appropriate location, there may be animals already residing in the area that may become extremely aggressive towards the wildlife that you have placed in the area. Naturally, this could also negatively impact their ability to survive. Furthermore, there could be negative ecological effects if a creature is placed in a non-native territory.

Key Concerns

When wildlife is remediated, there are several key concerns. The following outline these issues:

  1. The animal is likely to be subjected to high levels of stress during the move.
  2. The release location may not be suitable for the creature.
  3. The animals already living in the relocation site may be negatively impacted.
  4. Diseases may spread from or to the wildlife that is moved to an area where other wildlife is present.
  5. If the animal is a nuisance, it could cause problems in the new area.

If you need wildlife moved from a residential or a commercial property, it is best to leave the task in the hands of the professionals.

Failure to do so could result in severe injury and/or illness – to you and the animal. Contact us today to learn about our wildlife remediation services by calling: 855-465-1088

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