Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Management for Businesses

While it is true that observing wildlife is an enjoyable activity for most, if unwanted animals – such as rodents, raccoons, bats, or even opossums – start invading your business, it can result in many dire situations.

Examples include damage to your property, concerns regarding safety for your employees and/or customers, as well as health risks.

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors know and understand how important it is to keep wildlife as far away from your business as possible. We specialize in nuisance wildlife removal and management for businesses. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Nuisance Wildlife Removal and Management?

This is the process where the removal of potentially problematic wildlife species occurs and business owners are provided with steps and measures to keep the property from becoming attractive to new populations of those species in the future.

Many types of wildlife encroach properties because of the fact that their natural habitat has experienced advancements and construction by humans. Others invade businesses because they have become successfully habituated to the presence of people. Accidental invasions also occur.

The problem is that many species may unintentionally cause damage or transfer certain types of illnesses or diseases to people. While it may be possible to coexist successfully with certain types of wildlife, it is not advised to allow those creatures to remain in or near your business as it simply involves too much risk.

Nuisance Wildlife Characteristics

The following characteristics are commonly exhibited by wildlife that are considered to be a “nuisance”:

  1. The animal is considered to be adapted to the habitat.
  2. The wildlife seems to be used to humans.
  3. The animal seems to associate people with the presence of food.
  4. The animals may adjust their habits in order to be in the area during the same times as people. For example, nocturnal wildlife may be found in areas around people during the daytime hours.
  5. They may possess the ability to outsmart certain systems in order to find their way into buildings, trash cans, and other types of containers.
  6. They may exhibit a certain degree of boldness around people.
  7. They may display signs of aggression and be unfazed by tactics used by people to scare them off.
  8. Conditioned behaviors displayed may pose a threat to humans through physical injury and/or the transmission of diseases.
  9. The animal displays signs that it is injured, sick, or has contracted rabies.
  10. The wildlife may start to damage property – be it unintentional or intentional.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

If the presence of wildlife is near your business, we can help. Our specialists are trained to remove the wildlife and additional steps are performed to ensure that safety of your employees and any customers that you may serve.

Examples include safe removal, safe cleanup, and we will outline measures that may be taken at your business to avoid attracting populations of the same type of wildlife in the future. If you are in need of our services, contact us immediately by calling: 855-465-1088

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