Research Indicates Many Armadillos Carry the Bacteria That Causes Leprosy and Are Capable of Transmitting the Disease to People

Leprosy – which is often referred to as “Hansen’s disease – is a potentially devastating infection that stems from the bacteria known as “Mycobacterium leprae”. This condition causes severe and potentially disfiguring sores on the skin and nerve damage throughout the body. Each year, only about 100 people are officially diagnosed with leprosy within the United States.

Most of the diagnosed live in the southern states – which includes the State of South Carolina. While transmission information between humans is still be studied, it is known that many armadillos are infected with the bacteria that causes the condition. They have the capability of spreading it to people. Continue reading to learn more about leprosy.

The Symptoms

Leprosy is an illness that mostly impacts the skin and the peripheral nerves. It also has the capability of detrimentally impacting the eyes, the tissue within the nose, and other types of soft tissue. Individuals that contract this illness often develop severe sores on the skin, loss of feeling throughout various regions of the body, as well as weakness within the muscles.

The incubation period of leprosy may be exceptionally long, but it can be cured. In fact, the World Health Organization continues to provide free treatment to those that contract the infection.

The Complications

While there is free treatment available, many do not feel that leprosy is a serious condition; however, there are many severe complications that may arise if treatment is not sought. Examples include permanent damage to the skin, the eyes, the nerves, the appendages, and the feet.

Examples include becoming blind, permanent disfigurement, kidney failure, permanent nosebleeds, and the arms or legs becoming numb. While it is true that the condition may be treated, all people in the southern states are highly encouraged to avoid contact with armadillos.

While it is true that there is a low chance of infection from armadillos, the chance is still present.

Nuisance Wildlife

Recently, armadillos actually made the top of the list for nuisance types of wildlife in the State of South Carolina. They have the ability to damage the lawn, your garden, and put your health at great risk. While generally not considered to be aggressive, many people make the mistake of trying to move armadillos from their property themselves.

This is not safe. Should the creature even as much scratch you, they could pass on the bacteria that causes leprosy. In addition to this, they have parasites that have the ability to cause Chagas disease in humans. You should never allow yourself to touch their bodily fluids or become scratched or bitten. In fact, you should never touch the creatures with the bare hands.

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