Rodents problems? No problem for Palmetto wildlife!

At Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, our staff is highly trained to thoroughly inspect the structure of your home or business to locate all points of entries. Once the entry points are located we can determine where to place our TRAPS! That’s right we only use traps here at Palmetto Wildlife, poison is a very bad idea to try to solve a rodent problem.

Example of a recent South Carolina rodent removal

Example of a recent South Carolina rodent removal

We always have to clean up old poison packs that were used to solve rodent problems, they leave behind harsh chemicals and a dead animal. We go the extra mile, after we strategically place our traps we seal up any entry/exit points to eliminate any further rodent entry. Then, the trapping process could take several days or weeks depending on the infestation. Once all rodents are eradicated then we move on to the last step. The clean up could range from a simple biological enzyme treatment to a complete crawl space restoration.

We like to say we don’t just trap them out we keep them out. Gone For Good is Our Promise. Guaranteed!

If you are dealing with a rodent problem or any type of wildlife problem give us a call today!

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