Should I Have Snakes Around My Home Professionally Removed?

It is a known fact that snakes have the ability to instill a fear that is deep-rooted within people unlike that which is matched by any other animal. This is true – even among other types of wildlife. Nearly all animals in the wild view snakes as a threat.Snake on Grass

There are many animal species that will even vocalize warnings when a snake is observed in the wild. The question is, if you notice snakes around your home, should you have them professionally removed? Continue reading to learn more.

Snakes Suffer Immensely

If you are an animal enthusiast, you likely already know that snakes are creatures that suffer in an immense way. Their suffering often stems from changes within their natural habitat. In other instances, people will kill snakes just for the sake of their being a snake – not realizing that most are harmless and actually beneficial for the environment.

Additionally, changes in their environment due to development often puts a burden on the creatures. In most cases, outdoor snakes should be allowed to go their own way; however, if you domestic animals and venomous snakes have made themselves known, it may be time for professional removal services. The same holds true if a snake finds it way into your home. 

Snake-Proof Your Home and Property

Snakes have the ability to enter into buildings that are at ground level. If cracks and holes are present, they may find their way into a building. You should snake-proof your building by inspecting for holes and other areas that may enter your home and fixing them. Being that they climb, they may be able to get in through a chimney or a window that does not have any type of protective screens.

In the outdoor region, remove piles of debris, cut your grass on a regular basis, make sure there are no cracks on your patio, porches, and sidewalks. Also use storage sheds that have space underneath the floor. Also avoid attracting other wildlife that could attract snakes by not leaving out garbage and pet foods.

Venomous and Non-Venomous Snake Bites

While snakes are not known to transmit illnesses to people, they can strike and bite. If you are bit by a non-venomous snake and the skin is broken, clean it, takes steps to prevent infection, and consult your doctor. If you are struck by a venomous snake, call 911 or get to the hospital immediately.

If possible secure the snake so that it can be identified, but do not do so at risk to yourself. Never cut the wound created or attempt to suck out the venom that is left before. 

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