Snakes – The Basics

Snake Information

If you have stumbled upon one or more snakes around or in your home, it is time for snake removal services offered by a reputable wildlife extraction company. While most snakes are not considered to be dangerous, they are quite frightening to people and may result in costly complications.

Furthermore, if you have an issue with venomous snakes, your health and even your life could be danger. It was recently concluded that venomous snakes result in excess of 50,000 fatalities a year. The good news is, only 600 of the total 3,000 snake species are considered to be venomous.

Out of those, only 200 could result in severe injuries and death. In this guide, we will review a few snake basics.

The Diet

Despite the fact that most people are so scared of snakes that they feel as if snakes eat people, this is not at all true. Snakes consume a diet that consists of rodents, frogs, birds, and small-sized animals. They swallow their prey whole. The rear-facing teeth help to hold the prey in their mouths. When available, venom is injected into prey. In most instances, snakes look for food at night; however, it is not necessary for them to feed on a daily basis. While many consider snake consumption to be beneficial in that creatures such as rats and mice are devoured, others simply cannot stand the thought of dealing with snakes. For these individuals, snake removal is ideal.


All of the areas of the world contain snakes, minus New Zealand, Antarctica, Ireland, Greenland, and Iceland. Most snakes are situated in tropical areas. However, they may also be found in deserts, in the water, in prairies, and in forests. Snakes are particularly abundant in the southern region of the United States and typically make themselves known in the spring and summer months. If you are reading this now that spring has arrived, it is quite likely that you have encountered a snake or two. To eliminate the issue in a humane way, simply turn to a wildlife extraction company.


Snakes are known to flick their tongues. While this may seem aggressive to most of us, it is simply the way that they smell the air around them. They often lie out in the sun in order to warm their body. Again, this is often threatening to those that have a fear of snakes, but they do this because they are ectotherms. If they get too hot, they simply slither to a cooler area. Additionally, when it is time to lay eggs, it is done in a warm area.

Coping with Your Fear

Yes, snakes look scary. They engage in behaviors that we find uncomfortable. Many of them have the capability of harming us, but the truth is, they are beneficial to the environment. Additionally, they do not typically frequent areas where humans are found.

If, by chance, you find that you have an issue with a snake or two, it is probably just because there is something appealing to the creature in or around your home. These can be quickly removed by opting for snake removal services.

If you simply cannot stand to share your space with snakes, contact us today for assistance:

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