South Carolina Wildlife

South Carolina Wildlife South Carolina is known for its diverse wildlife. We have a multitude of various habitats and climates ranging from the mountains to the seas and everything in between. We have become home to many different animals that can prosper in the best and worst climates our state offers. It can be beautiful to glimpse some of these creatures in the wild; however, there are many different animals that we wish would stay in the wild.

Having such a large number of many different types of animals living so close to our homes, we run a high risk of encountering creatures that we tend to consider to be pests, or a number of other animals that may be downright harmful to our property and homes.

Some of the animals we may find on or near or property may include:

  • snakes
  • deer
  • raccoons
  • possums
  • squirrels
  • beavers
  • rats and mice
  • coyotes
  • bat
  • skunks
  • alligators
  • birds
  • bobcats

These are just a few of the animals that could be trespassing on our property without us ever knowing it. However, there usually is some evidence left behind by these uninvited guests. When you come across evidence of a pest invasion, your first thought may be that I can easily get rid of these animals.

There are so many types of pest removal products in our local hardware stores and many do it yourself home remedies to be found online. However, these quick and cheap fixes are not the best option. You may find yourself spending and spending but never truly ridding yourself of these creatures.You could easily find yourself wasting your hard earned money and spending more than what a professional wildlife extractor would cost. Your best bet would be to call in the professionals.

They have first hand knowledge of many things such as:

  • if there are any diseases associated with these animals
  • how to lower their risk of contracting these diseases
  • any types of state or federal laws concerning the removal of these pests
  • how to deter similar pests from entering your property
  • the proper ways to handle the removal process
  • how to properly block entry spaces from reentry
  • the proper process of cleaning and sanitizing any area inhabited by the animal

You may think that getting these animals off of your property is a simple task, but there is a lot of detail that must go into each and every animal removal. We all may wish for that cheap and easy fix when it comes to protecting our family and property from pests, but the truth is that there is only one easy step you need to take when it comes to protecting your home and property.

You have to call in the professionals. There are so many problems when it comes to handling any type of wild animal. They can behave erratically and harm us in ways that we do not understand, so this is one area that you do not want to skimp on. Save yourself some time, money and heartache. Call in the professionals and let them deal with it.

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