Squirrels Notorious for Chewing Electrical Wires

This time of the year wildlife are trying to find shelter to stay warm. Squirrels are building nest in attics and are notorious for chewing electrical wires inside of the attics where they are making their habitat.

Here at Palmetto Wildlife extractors, we are trained to solve the wildlife problem perpetually, but we also are trained in inspecting for exposed electrical wires. Having a licensed electrician on staff is very crucial for solving our clients wildlife problems and preventing electrical problems that can cause a house fire. This picture below is one of many pictures we have of exposed electrical wires inside of a clients attic. If you look close you can see we caught this squirrel red handed!

Caught Red Handed, Squirrel Chewing Electrical Wires

Caught Red Handed, Squirrel Chewing Electrical Wires

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