The Presence of Nuisance Alligators Likely to Increase Now That Mating Season Is in Full Swing

Alligator mating season is now in full swing. This means that individuals in gator-prone areas – especially throughout South Carolina and North Carolina – are likely to see an increase of alligators over the course of the next few months. Males are known to attach themselves to a certain territory. Examples include a favorite pond, lake, or swamp.Alligator Crossing Road

Female alligators will be on the move in search of those males. As a result, they end up in the male’s territory. As the creatures move about, they may be more likely to make their presence known in golf courses, around parks, and even in neighborhoods. When this occurs, they may then be identified as being a “nuisance”. 

When Is an Alligator Deemed to be a “Nuisance”?

Generally speaking, an alligator is identified as a “nuisance” if it is four feet or longer in length and an individual believes that the creature is a direct threat to property, people, or pets. In these instances, the creature must be removed.

In some instances, an alligator may end up in a location that is not acceptable by simply moving about. This includes swimming pools and areas where people live, work, and play. During mating season, alligators are highly active and are likely to be deemed a “nuisance” more than any other time of the year. 

When Is the Official Alligator Mating Season?

Mating season among alligators officially starts in May and goes all the way through the end of June; however, courtship typically initiates in the Month of April. Eggs are deposited by females in the late part of June or the early weeks of July. Those eggs hatch between the time of late August and into the Month of September.

Despite the fact that mating season is over by the time eggs are deposited and they hatch, female alligators will remain protective of those eggs and their young, once hatched. As a result, alligators may be deemed a “nuisance” at higher levels throughout the Months of April, May, June, July, August, AND September. 

Trapping Services 

If an alligator is believed to be a nuisance, a complaint must be filed by an individual. Once this occurs, a permit is then issued and a trapper is contacted. Individuals making the complaint may contract a trapper directly. Then, the trapper has a set amount of time to capture the creature. Most trapping professionals will immediately handle the issue.

All calls are considered to be “urgent” – especially during mating season; however, there are calls that are considered to be “emergencies”. A trapper will usually handle these calls immediately. Examples of these situations include alligators at the front door of a home, those situated near or under vehicles, and highly aggressive alligators. 

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