The Trouble with Fleas

The Trouble with Fleas

Fleas are a type of insect that is also known as an external parasite. They have a mouth that is specifically designed to pierce skin and suck blood. This can gross out a lot of us. The thought alone of something feeding from our blood is disgusting and something we only talk about in horror movies.

However, these types of parasites are really common. They can infect wild animals, our family pets, our homes and even attack us. There are so many different types of fleas that tend to fervently reproduce that once you become infested it may seem as if it will never stop. Your entire home could be covered in them if you do not take the proper steps to remove them.

Problems to humans

It is not uncommon for a human to become infected with fleas. These insects can easily jump from one host to another. They can be a nuisance, and their bites can make us itch. Usually, a flea bite will cause the formation of a slightly raised and swollen area with a single puncture point at the center. It is fairly similar to that of a mosquito bite. They are known to cause hair loss and in extreme situations, they can cause anemia.

Also, along with the discomfort we experience, fleas can transfer many different types of diseases to humans. They are known to be the main cause of the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages of Europe. They can carry typhus and infect us with tapeworms. There are a number of diseases they carry that can make us feel ill or even cause death.

The spread of fleas

It only takes one spare flea to cause an epidemic. Fleas can spread from outside wildlife to your pets. These fleas can then jump from your pet into your home and onto you, which can lead to an easy infestation. You can clean your home and spray, but as long as the wildlife is there to spread fleas, you are pretty much going to experience the same situation over and over. You may have cleaned your home of fleas and sprayed a barrier to keep them out, but as long as they are on a host such as your pet or any other animal, they can easily cross that barrier without meeting any resistance. Then, guess what? They are back in your home, and the cycle starts all over again.

Stopping the spread of fleas

So, how can you really rid yourself of these pests? You have to clean and spray your home. This is a given. However, you have to cut them off at the source. There have been homes that have been infested with fleas that do not have any pets. It is not that uncommon. You could have a squirrel, raccoon, mice, birds or any other animal playing host to these creatures that have taken up residence in or near your home. You have to remove these hosts to eventually end the cycle of your flea infestation, and to truly be sure that you have definitely put an end to these wildlife creatures from living in or near your home, you have to call in a professional that can properly remove them and seal off all entry points. They know how to make your home inhospitable to these guests and their external parasites.

If you notice an influx of fleas on your pets or in your house, you need to search for the root cause of it. You may discover that your house has been invaded by another pest that is supplying these parasites easy entry into your home.

The dangers associated with fleas should be enough to have you finding the cause and calling in the professionals immediately to deal with the problem. You should never hesitate to call in your local wildlife removers. Once the unwanted animal is removed, you can start dealing with eliminating the fleas for good.

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