What are the 3 Most Dangerous Creatures in South Carolina?

The State of South Carolina displays a unique Southern charm that includes friendly faces, small quaint towns, and immensely beautiful geography.American Alligator

The state’s personality and character truly shine through by way of the lavish palmetto bushes, the seemingly never-ending array of moss dangling from the large, historically-significant trees, and the architecture accents of wrought-iron, historical villas, and captivating contours.

Whether visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Lowcountry, you are sure to discover Southern hospitality and friendly faces; however, despite the serene landscapes and friendly people, it is important to know that there are several dangerous creatures throughout the state. Here, you will be introduced to 3 of these potential threats.

The American Alligator

The American Alligator is considered to be a non-aggressive animal, but it has the potential to be dangerous. In most instances, these creatures will refrain from interacting with humans, which lowers their threat.

However, if fed, they will start to associate people with food. They do not possess the mental capacity to distinguish between food people give them and people, themselves. They also become aggressive during mating session.

Coral Snake

While not considered to be aggressive, the coral snake is a highly venomous creature. While they typically live in areas that are not populated, increasing construction efforts by people are forcing them into areas where people live.

In the United States each year, there is an average of 25 bites by coral snakes. If bitten, respiratory failure and death may occur within a matter of hours. While the bite may be treated, medical assistance is required right away. Contact must be avoided to avoid health-related complications.

Cottonmouth Snake

The next dangerous creature in South Carolina is the cottonmouth snake. Their prey lives in and around water. As a result, they live near these areas. They are very strong swimmers. If they feel threatened, they may become aggressive.

Their bite is very dangerous. In fact, it is considered to be the only water-based venomous snake in the country. Its bite can be extremely severe and potentially deadly. Anti-venom is available, but medical care must be sought immediately.

The bite can result in tissue damage, muscle damage, bleeding internally, and other complications. These types of snakes should be avoided – at all costs.


While the beauty and charm of South Carolina is highly attractive, there are creatures throughout the state that pose a danger to humans. The 3 most dangerous are the alligator, the coral snake, and the cottonmouth snake. While all 3 sway away from human interaction, it does happen.

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