What Is a Wildlife Extractor?

A wildlife extractor is a professional who is thoroughly trained in capturing pesky little critters. Additionally, these experts specialize in the prevention of pests so that they do not enter homes, businesses, pose a threat to livestock, pets, and humans.

It does not matter if you are faced with an unwanted pest guest, experiencing nuisance wildlife, or simply do not want to handle an animal that has recently died, a wildlife extractor can assist you!

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors love animals, love people, and love to establish living boundaries between them. Continue reading to learn more. 

When Was Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Founded? 

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors was founded by a local from South Carolina – Justin Ludy – in the year of 2010. 

What Is the Service Area of Palmetto Wildlife Extractors?

The service area of Palmetto Wildlife Extractors includes both States of North Carolina and South Caroline – the entirety of both!

In addition to serving homeowners, residential developments, and other types of residences, Palmetto also offers commercial wildlife services to organizations, businesses, industrial sites, and more!

It does not matter where the problem occurs, Palmetto Wildlife Extractors offers an effective solution! 

What Type of Guarantee Does Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Offer? 

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors offer a full, comprehensive guarantee. The first component of this guarantee is your complete safety.

Additionally, the company strives to do everything by the proverbial “book” on wildlife extraction, control, and remediation. The following is included in the company’s guarantee:

  • Complete elimination of rodents and a commitment to ensuring that re-entry is avoided
  • The removal of dead animals, followed by complete sterilization and deodorization
  • The placement of repellent for nuisance animals
  • All products are safe and contain no poisons or hazardous materials
  • Once completing the above-listed steps, the company offers a one-year complete guarantee. 

What Is the 3-Step Approach? 

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors use a 3-step approach when it comes to controlling wildlife. The steps are outlined below, with a brief explanation of each:

  1. Wildlife Removal – A complete inspection is done of the area where the wildlife is present and the issue behind the nuisance wildlife is identified followed by the extraction of the wildlife. 
  2. Wildlife Remediation – Any related debris is removed from the area and it is completely sterilized to ensure no danger is posed to pets, livestock, and people. 
  3. Wildlife Prevention – All potential points of entry are completely sealed and an effective, non-toxic repellant is placed in the area to ensure that the creatures stay away in the future. 

Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Today 

It does not matter if you have bats in the attic, rats in the basement, a troublesome squirrel nesting in your gutter system, or a snake slithering around your lawn, Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can help you!

You will see by the company’s reviews that they offer quick, effective, comprehensive, and safe solutions for both homeowners and businesses.

To learn more about their services or to set up an appointment for assistance, you may contact the company direct by dialing: 855-465-1088

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