What Is Wildlife Prevention?

Wildlife prevention is a proactive approach to keep various types of wildlife from entering or returning to your property. Not only does this aid in helping you avoid facing an invasion of wild animals, but it will help in preventing or minimizing the amount that you have to put out financially for damage committed by wild animals.

It also helps prevent the spread of potentially dangerous infections, illnesses, and diseases from the wild to human populations. If you are reading this, chances are, you are currently experiencing an issue with some sort of wild animal. Continue reading to learn how to cope with the issue at hand.

Isn’t Wildlife Important?

Many individuals who work to prevent wildlife from entering their property often wonder if they are doing more harm than good, because, isn’t wildlife important? The answer to that question is “yes”.

We should all work to conserve both fauna and flora. In doing so, we are playing a proactive role in the stability of the ecological system and ensuring that there is complete balance on our planet.

By taking a role in conservation efforts, we are protecting the biodiversity of our world. It is not dangerous to wildlife surrounding your property to practice wildlife prevention measures. In fact, it is best that wildlife remains in the wild and not in residential areas.

How Do I Keep Wildlife Off My Land?

You have to remember that any wildlife that stumbles upon your land does not realize or understand that it is yours. While it is impossible to make your land completely wildlife-proof, there are measures that can be taken to minimize the accidental intrusion, and damage that stems from that intrusion.

First, add a fence to your property. Secondly, plant all plants, flowers, etc. in pots and/or beds. Sprinklers, scarecrows, and similar items may prove effective. Additionally, you could try animal repellent products on your property.

How Do I Keep Wildlife Away from My Home?

There are several steps you may take to keep unwanted creatures away from your home. These include sealing and shutting any access points to your home, trimming back trees and other types of vegetation from your home, placing sturdy screens on your windows and vents, and capping off your chimney.

Be sure you do not leave out anything that wildlife may find attractive, such as domestic animal foods and water bowls. Remember, all forms of wildlife are in constant search of shelter, food sources, and water.

If you do not provide access to any of these, you will experience very few issues with the wildlife that lives in your area.

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