What Makes Skunks Smell So Bad?

The scent that is emitted by skunks is highly offensive and has the capability for lingering for quite some time. There is a special gland that is situated underneath the tail of the skunk. This creates the oil-based liquid that is made up of a special type of substance that is known as “thiols”.Skunk

It includes a type of sulfur that is the basis of the odor of the spray. Why is this spray created by the body of the skunk? Why do they spray it? What is the skunk smell all about? Continue reading to find out.

Defense Mechanisms

Skunks are equipped with many different types of defense mechanisms. This is because they are considered to be exceptionally vulnerable to a wide variety of predators. Examples include the great horned owl, badgers, wolves, and coyotes. The first is their coloring.

This black and white color scheme is supposed to scare off other animals; however, most no longer pay attention to this coloring. If animals move too close to the skunk, the creature will stomp its feet and even make noises in an effort to scare off that creature.

Then, up goes the tail and out comes the spray. According to scientists and other types of researchers, the skunk can aim this spray at something as far as 20 feet away and hit! Extreme accuracy is what they are all about!

Why So Accurate?

Accuracy is extremely important to the skunk. This is because the liquid that they spray takes quite a bit of time to create and they do not want it to go to waste. At first, only a small amount is usually sprayed. Even in very small amounts, the oil-based spray has the potential to be smelled as far away as a half of a mile.

The Effects

The effects of the skunk spray depend on the type of creature that is impacted. If it is a human, that individual will likely experience nausea. Many may actually vomit. It is common to experience headaches and irritation of the eyes and nasal cavity – depending on how far a person is away from the creature when it does spray and how much it sprays.

On other types of animals, temporary blindness may occur. The eyes may sting. The nose may run. There is one effect that normally impacts all that is in the path of a spraying skunk – it definitely causes the person or the animal to go in the opposite direction of the skunk.

Skunk Removal

If you have skunks in, near, or around your home, it is time to have them removed. Not only could the spray that they produce result in discomfort, it can be devastating for those with sensitivities and respiratory problems.

If you attempt to catch a skunk yourself, you WILL experience its wrath – the devastating odor that will linger for an exceptionally long time. If you have them professionally removed, you can avoid facing this complication. Call us today for skunk removal: 855-465-1088

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