What Potentially Troublesome or Dangerous Creatures Are in the State of South Carolina?

The State of South Carolina is considered a coastal state. It includes numerous land and water creatures. In the area of the coast plain, the vegetation is that which grows abundantly in coarse types of soil. The land is relatively flat.

In the inland region, there are sand dunes, fields, and forests. The state is typically very warm and has a high level of humidity.

During the winter months, seasonal weather does occur – including an occasional snow. As a result of the environment and the weather conditions, South Carolina is home to many potentially troublesome and dangerous creatures. 


Due to the consistency of the temperature throughout the state and the presence of water and high levels of vegetation, there are numerous reptiles present. Those that are considered to be potentially troublesome or dangerous include the alligator, copperhead snakes, coral snakes, cottonmouth snakes, and a wide assortment of rattlesnake species.

The alligator is typically not aggressive, but will defend its nesting areas and may prove to be a pest if one stumbles upon an area where humans frequent. Most snakes will not become aggressive unless they feel threatened in some manner. It is advised to use caution with the reptiles outlined in this post. 


Due to the landscape and the typical environmental conditions, the State of South Carolina includes many predators. These include mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, and bears. In most instances, these creatures shy away from humans; however, it is possible for the predators to frequent areas where humans live, work, and play.

In most instances, they are in search of food, water, and an escape from harsh weather conditions. It is uncommon for these animals to aggressively approach humans, but not unheard of. Additionally, domestic pets – such as cats and dogs – may attract predators.

According to studies, the predators that are present throughout the state are considered to be the most common nuisance animals. 

Other Creatures

In addition to the above-listed creatures, there are several others that may be considered potentially troublesome or dangerous to people, pets, and structures within the State of South Carolina. These include rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels.

Additionally, they are bats, raccoons, and skunks. These creatures are in constant search of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, many will invade properties, homes, businesses, and other structures. Most are not aggressive, but they do carry illnesses that may be passed on to humans and pets. Additionally, they are known to damage structures. 

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