What Types of Services Are Offered By Wildlife Removal Companies?

Wildlife removal companies specialize in removing wild animals that are considered to be a nuisance or a danger. The services apply to a set of certain species.

For example, if you want a stray dog removed, it is best to contact animal control. If you want a wild raccoon removed, a wildlife removal company should be contacted.

In this brief guide, we will outline the types of services rendered by companies that specialize in wildlife removal. 

Inspection Services 

When a wildlife removal company is called and arrives at your home, the process starts with a thorough inspection. This is done to identify and completely evaluate the situation that you are experiencing.

Once the root cause has been determined, the professional will develop a detailed plan that entails capturing the animal and preventing its return to your home. When finalized, the professional will provide a quote and schedule the process. 

Trapping and Removing Creatures

Wildlife removal companies typically utilize specially-designed traps to capture and to relocate creatures. The goal is to remove the animal safely and with minimal amounts of damage. Once caught, the goal is to move the animal to another location and to prevent it from returning back to the property from which it was caught. 

Prevention Services 

A wildlife removal company will typically be able to identify why the wild animal was attracted to your property to start with. In some instances, these companies will perform repairs on your property in order to prevent wildlife from negatively impacting your home in the future.

Examples include sealing up openings, repairing damage, and similar tasks. The goal is to make sure that your property is completely animal-proof. 

Cleanup Services

It is not at all uncommon for various types of wildlife to leave behind traces that it was present. Many wildlife removal companies will conduct a cleanup and will offer sanitation services. These are offered in order to preserve the health and safety of you, your loved ones, and your pets.

These services help in removing pheromones left by the creature, droppings that could cause disease, and similar items of interest. 

What Is the Cost? 

The cost of wildlife removal services vary from one company to another. Additionally, it is determined by the services that are required.

Once the company arrives to your home and does an inspection, they will provide you with a quote before starting the process. This quote will include any or all of the services outlined in this guide – depending on your unique needs and requirements. 

Contact Us Today 

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