Which Products to Avoid for Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Many of us have seen a stray raccoon in or near or homes. They are one of the most popular wild animals to be found in suburban areas. They are curious and do not fear the sights and sounds of people. This makes it extremely hard to keep them off of your property. There are many products available that claim they can help rid of these little pests, but most of them will not work. This can cause you to spend a lot of money and still be stuck with these unexpected visitors.

Your best bet would be to call in a professional wildlife removal team and skip wasting your time and money on these ineffective products. Here we have compiled a list of products you should avoid.

  • Raccoon repellent. Many of us tend to go for this first instead of spending money on hiring a professional. It is easy and cheap, and it promises only the best results. It would be great if there was a magical spray that could instantly make these pests disappear. Unfortunately, as many of you know that have actually purchased this product, it does not work. There truly is no easy way when it comes to removing raccoons, so steer clear of anything that promises instant and easy results, such as raccoon repellents.
  • Ultrasonic noise machines. These machines claim that the high frequency sounds that they emit will rid your yard of raccoons. This is not true. If any of you purchased this product, you know that even if you can not hear them some people actually can. So, all you will end up achieving is annoying your neighbors. The Federal Trade Commission has even issued warnings about these products, so do not fall into the trap of purchasing these.
  • Motion sensor sprayers. These machines can be set to shoot water at anything that trips its motion sensor. This may work for a little while, but raccoons are fairly smart and creative animals. They will quickly figure out how to avoid getting sprayed by water, and the machine you spent so much money on will be useless. Your best bet would be to skip the inevitable and call in the professionals.
  • Moth balls. This is an old household remedy for removing raccoons. They are supposed to not like the smell or something. According to the belief, the odor should drive the animals from your house and yard. This method has been tried by many and as usual has not done the trick. The raccoons do not seem to care about the mothballs at all, which makes this household remedy completely bogus.
  • Strobe lights and loud noises. Many of us think that since raccoons are nocturnal, we can drive them from our homes by using strobe lights and loud noises. Once again, all this accomplishes is annoying your neighbors. As long as the raccoons have shelter and food, they are highly unlikely to move along just because of the strobe lights or loud noises.

I know many of us are looking for the cheapest and easiest way to solve a problem, but removing raccoons from your home and property is a difficult job that should be performed by a qualified animal removal company. Raccoons are stubborn and do not like to leave once they have found a hospitable place, so save yourself the heartache and so money by calling in the people who remove raccoons for a living.

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