Who Do You Call to Remove Wild Animals from Your Home?

If you have wild animals in your home, you do have a few options – depending on the type of animal and the area in which you reside. In many areas, you may call a local animal control service organization.

In other instances, you may contact your local police department or sheriff’s office. It must be understood, though, while some areas may be serviced by these agencies, other areas may not.

If you want to eliminate the problem fast – with little to no complications – contact a professional wildlife removal company for assistance. Continue reading to learn more.

What Does a Wildlife Removal Company Do with Animals?

Most wildlife removal agencies capture the troublesome wildlife and evaluate its overall health. If there is nothing physically wrong with the creature, they will attempt to relocate it to an appropriate environment.

Placing wildlife back into a natural environment where it is capable of thriving is the best-case scenario. While it is true that not all animals qualify for relocation, the wildlife removal company will handle each situation in the most humane way possible.

Will a Wildlife Removal Company Handle Any Necessary Clean-ups or Needed Repairs?

In some instances, a wildlife removal company will offer clean up and repair services for a small fee. This includes removing nests, odors, and even messes left behind by the creatures. Additionally, the company will be able to pinpoint exactly how the creature made its way into your home.

This will allow you to determine what steps you need to take in order to prevent the situation from occurring again. Animal control agencies, police departments, and sheriff’s offices typically do not offer any of these services. This is one of the main reasons that it is best to contact a wildlife removal company.

Should I Remove Wildlife Myself?

It is not advised that you remove wildlife on your own. In fact, it is safer to leave this task to the professionals. Many creatures carry parasites and diseases that may pose a danger to your health. Others may become aggressive and claw or bite you – which can result in severe injury and infection.

The professionals that work at wildlife removal companies have the knowledge, skill, and tools to quickly and effectively remove wildlife while protecting themselves, your home, those that reside in your home, and your pets.

Why Can’t I Just Hire Animal Control?

It IS possible – in most instances – to hire animal control to handle any troublesome wildlife, but the truth of the matter is, these agencies mostly focus on domestic-type animals, such as cats and dogs.

Many animal control agencies are glad to accept donations, but most do not actually charge for their services because they are government agencies. They are also bound by governmental guidelines, which often prevent them from handling troublesome wildlife situations.

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