Why and Where Will Birds Build Their Nests on My Property?

Now that spring has officially sprung, many homeowners are starting to discover flocks of birds in and around their property. These carefully crafted structures are where the creatures will lay their eggs and go through the process of incubating those eggs. Once hatched, the birds will raise their young in these nests, as well. Birds Nest On Property

While you may find yourself fascinated at the hard work and dedication that goes into this process, and you may enjoy watching the birds, there are many situations and events that you may not enjoy.

These include the territorial mother bird, the immense amount of noise that the birds make, the presence of larger predators, and bird droppings. Now that you know why birds make their nests on your property, it is time to learn the most common locations where these nests are constructed.

Small Spaces That Offer Protection

When you think of a bird’s nest, you are most likely to see a visual image of a small, twig-based structure on the limb of a tree. While it is true that birds do construct nests in trees, this is not the only area where they may make nests.

They opt for small spaces that offer protection from predators, other animals, and yes, humans. Due to this need to hide themselves and protect their young, it is not at all uncommon for nests to be created in gutters, downspouts, corners near the roof of your home, window sills, and underneath shingles.

Additional areas may include ventilation shafts, the chimney, and other areas that are well hidden. This can result in massive amounts of damage to your home.

Proximity to Food Sources

When birds build nests in and around your property, they will do so in close proximity to the areas that provide them and their young with food. They need to be close to this food source so that they are able to deliver food back to their young very quickly.

While many believe that birds only eat worms, this is not true. They also munch on berries, different kinds of nuts, various types of insects, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.

If you have a garden in place, fruit trees, outdoor feeders, or special types of flowering plants, you may discover that birds quickly construct their nests around those areas. This can be a major source of frustration for you and your loved ones.


When birds create nests, it is a beautiful sight to see. Unfortunately, where they create nests can result in damage to your home and other features of your property. Birds are amazing creatures, but they should not be allowed to nest in or around your home – especially in areas that could result in complications.

If you have an issue with nesting birds, we can help. While beautiful, these creatures can be highly disruptive, destructive, and a bit on the ornery side. To avoid these issues, simply opt for bird removal services. To learn more, contact us today at: 855-465-1088



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