Wild Hogs in South Carolina

Wild Hogs in South Carolina Many of us have been fortunate enough to have never come across a wild hog, but for some of us in South Carolina, we have come too close for comfort to these animals. Their big furry bodies, beady red eyes and tusks are enough to have us running for cover.

These wild animals are extremely dangerous and can cause destruction wherever they may go. Even worse news for us is that they can be found across most of the US and some parts of Canada.

And, as if you thought it could not get even worse, every county in South Carolina has reported instances of wild hogs. This means that no one is exempt from coming across these wild animals.

A growing population

Wild hogs were not native to the western Hemisphere, which means that this problem was caused by people bringing these animals to the new world. These animals seemed to be able to survive nicely in their land, and their numbers have seemed to have seen a boom in the recent years.

There have been many reports and studies done on the population of wild hogs, and, unfortunately, most of the data compiled agrees with the fact that their population is growing. In fact, in the two decades following 1990, populations of wild hogs in the U.S. increased from being found in 20 states up to a currently observed presence in 40 or more of the 50 states (Mayer and Brisbin 2009). Such a huge and fast increase in their population can only mean a bigger impact on people’s lives and a greater chance at experiencing what effect a wild hog can have in our everyday lives.

Damage to us and our property

The population boom of these creatures definitely heighten your chances of coming across a wild boar on your property. However, they tend to stick with more rural agricultural type areas. They are known to do a lot of damage to these areas and are a known menace to many agricultural and livestock businesses.

In fact, many studies put the collective yearly cost of agricultural damage and control of these animals to be in the tens of millions of dollars. This estimate does not take into account the effect wild hogs may have to the natural landscape, damage to livestock businesses and any diseases that these animals may spread to our livestock. When you look at those numbers the damage is even worse. It is unbelievable how much these animals can end up costing people per year, not to mention the threat people may feel to their safety.


If you do happen to come across a wild hog try not to panic. You need to get as far away from the animal as possible to ensure that it does not charge and gore you with its tusks or try to bite you with their razor sharp teeth. Never try to approach the wild hog on your own.

Remember, they are extremely dangerous wild animals. Once you are safely away from the animal, you need to call in the professionals to safely remove the wild hog.

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is one of the few wildlife companies in the area that has a staff that is experienced with dealing with these animals. They have also invested heavily in the proper equipment so that they can safely and quickly rid your property of these nuisance and dangerous animals.

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