Wildlife Extractors – Your Questions Answered

As wildlife extractors, we are always presented with a question. It could be as simple as what we do or it could relate to the types of pests that we handle. We know and understand that extraction is a relatively new and upcoming field.

In this brief guide, we will outline the most common questions that we receive and attempt to completely answer those questions. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to being the #1 go-to for all wildlife-related issues in your community.

What Is Wildlife Extraction?

Wildlife extraction is the process of removing wildlife right on the spot or through the means of trapping. Our goal is to relocate the creature to a safe area that includes an environment where it may thrive. The final result is that you will be no longer affected by the nuisance animal.

You, your family members, and your pets may safely continue living day-to-day without the burden of worrying about attacks, injuries, or the transmission of a disease.

Are Wildlife Removal Companies and Pest Control Companies the Same Thing?

No, pest control companies typically place an emphasis on insects and rodents. These companies often use poison in order to eliminate the nuisance pest. Wildlife removal companies enlist the assistance of professionals that specialize in removing and relocating nuisance pests. Pest control companies enlist professionals that use products for the purpose and intent of extermination.

Can Wildlife Removal Companies Remove Bugs and Other Troublesome Insects?

No, wildlife removal companies do not specialize in the removal of bugs and other troublesome insects. If you are experiencing these types of troublesome pests, you will need to direct your call to a pest control company for assistance.

Do Wildlife Removal Companies Use Poison?

No, wildlife companies do not use poison. We believe it is best to trap animals with the purpose and intent of releasing those creatures in a safe, rural-based environment where they are capable of living, growing, and thriving.

If an animal is found to be severely ill with some type of disease, euthanasia may be necessary. We simply want to ensure that your home is completely safe. We also want to avoid disrupting the environment where we would relocate an animal if it is diseased.

Do Wildlife Removal Companies Clean Up Messes That Wildlife Leave Behind?

Yes, wildlife removal companies will eliminate any mess left behind by wildlife. This includes nesting material, fecal matter, and more. The area that was contaminated by the creature or creatures will also be treated to ensure that you, your loved ones, and any pets that you have are safe.

Is Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Licensed and Insured?

Yes, we here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors are both licensed and insured. We are here and ready to serve you. If you have a wildlife problem, we would love the opportunity to come out and relocate the creature or creatures.

If you would like more information or would like to set up an appointment, you may contact us directly by calling: 855-465-1088

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