Wildlife Prevention: Keeping Nocturnal Animals Out of Your Yard

If you are reading this, chances are, you have awoken, stepped out of your door, and have noticed that your lawn, garden, and other areas of your property are in complete disarray. You are not alone. Millions of people have been subjected to the adverse effects of nocturnal wildlife.

While it is true that daytime creatures are capable of wreaking havoc on your property, those that move about at night seem to be the most notorious. In this brief guide, we will share a few wildlife prevention strategies that will help keep all of those pesky, nocturnal creatures out of your yard.

Create a Barrier

One of the absolute best methods of wildlife prevention for your property is to put a fence around your property; however, it should not stop there. There are several types of animals that are capable of making their way over fences.

Examples include coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, deer, and opossums. What you will need to do is place a top angle on the fence that points outward – away from your property.

To ensure that no animals crawl underneath the fencing that you put up, you should place wire mesh deep within the ground to create a barrier. For animals that jump fences – such as deer – you should make certain that the fence is – at the minimum – 6 feet tall.

Restrict Access to Food Sources

The next wildlife prevention step that you should take to keep nocturnal wildlife away is to take measures that will restrict their access to food sources. Many will go for your garbage cans if you leave them out. If so, choose those with lids that lock or place a heavy item over the lids.

If you have outdoor pets, bring in remaining food in the evening. If you have a garden, place a fence around it and – if possible – mesh over the crops. Simply look around your property and determine if there are food sources attracting the nocturnal wildlife to your property. If so, find a means to restrict access to those food sources.

Scare Tactics

The next step that you may take in order to prevent wildlife from making its way onto your property is to use scare tactics. Examples include motion detecting lights, wind chimes, foil strips that move easily and make noise, and items that are similar in nature.

Anything that makes an unexpected noise or light is sure to deter wildlife that is already on edge for predators as they explore your property at night.

Wildlife Prevention Services

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors capture wildlife, remediate wildlife, and can assist in wildlife prevention on your property. If you are experiencing issues with nocturnal wildlife, we can help you! Our professional team is specifically trained to handle a wild assortment of wildlife.

We know what attracts wildlife and what deters wildlife. If you are in need of help, we have what it takes to assist you! To learn more, give us a call today at: 855-465-1088

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