Wildlife Removal Columbia South Carolina.

During the winter season wild animals tend to become more persistent on finding a warm habitat. Most homes here in the Carolina’s have natural voids that are left open from construction. Theses voids are not normally a code violation to the builder but they become easy access for all types of nuisance wildlife. We encourage every home owner to have a annual inspections done by a trained wildlife specialist. Here at Palmetto Wildlife all of our staff are highly trained in identifying these problem areas and offering our clients a permanent solution with warranty to ensure that their problem is taking care of or that they don’t have to worry about a future problem. In this picture we captured a nuisance Raccoon from an attic on Lake Muarry SC. The damages these guys will do is un believable. It starts with structural damage of the exterior of the home to damaged duct work and insulation. Not only do they poss a serious health problem they will also leave behind fleas and fecal matter that needs to be addressed. We will handle it all. Gone For Good Is Our Promise. Guaranteed!


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